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Copywriting is a catch-all for services including (but not limited to) research, content writing, article writing, technical writing, reports, case studies, white papers, press releases, journalism, grant proposals, e-books, novels, and speeches.   


Content Editing

Content editing entails reviewing and revising content to improve readability, accuracy, and consistency. It can involve a high level of line-by-line editing, such as syntax and sentence structure. Or, it can be a simple proofread prior to publication.


Per Project Quote

If your project does not fit neatly within another service category, please describe your project in an inquiry or ask for a quote depending on the combination of services you need. Feel welcome to reach out for a free consultation. 

Ongoing work?
No worries.

For those needing ongoing help, you have options.


Whether moving content through the pipeline or tackling a book publication, you can request all-hands-on-deck assistance. ​The most common way to do so is to reserve (or "retain") blocks of time billed on a monthly retainer. Such projects can be a matter of months or stretch for years. (Note: Long-term partnerships are not only welcome but highly favored.)

Feel free to contact me via email ( to describe what you want to achieve by working together. I'm looking forward to meeting you!

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